Monday, January 23

Featuring the Features Week!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the "Features Week" where the Mythos Global team will talk about the different features of the game.

Most likely, there will be some activities happening in the forum and the Facebook fan page of Mythos, just like last time. I will update everyone regarding this.

Anyway, to start things off, a new event has started. You might as well join this one since it's pretty simple and they said they're going to give a BIG prize. Haha. Here's the event that will run for the whole week.

Thursday, January 19

Mythos Wallpapers

Hello everyone! Did you miss any of the Mythos wallpapers that we released? If so, then here's a compilation of all the new wallpapers.

Mythos Races




Mythos Classes



If you need a different resolution and not 1280x800, you can find other resolutions here in the "Fan Art" section of the forum: Fan Art Section

Sunday, January 15

Welcome to Class Week!

Hello everyone! The first two Race Weeks are finally over and we are moving on to the "Class Week." Similar to the first two weeks, there will be a lot of news updates, activities, and events for this week. All of these will revolve around the three playable classes of Mythos: the Bloodletter, the Gadgeteer, and the Pyromancer.

True enough, we are here with a very busy start. First of all, the submission of entries for "My Mod's Siggy" event has ended. The voting has already started. You can check the General Discussion section of the forum to vote for the signature that you like the most.
General Discussion Section

The Mythos Global team has also started another event called "I Am My Class." Here's the mechanics:
Here is the link of the Facebook quiz: Which Mythos Class Is Fit For You?

Once you are done answering the quiz, copy the link of the result, and post it on Mythos' Facebook fan page to be eligible for the event. If you haven't liked the fan page yet, then you may do so right now.
Mythos Facebook Fan Page

Furthermore, the Mythos Global team started this week with some nice information about the Bloodletter, as well as a new wallpaper.

Bloodletter Class Information

Stick around since there will surely be a lot more things in store for us this week. Happy Class Week everyone!

Thursday, January 12

Exclusive Interview with Lillin (Satyr Race)

Calligraphy: Good day everyone! This is the last among our series of interviews, and I’m sure this will be the best one yet. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the kind and beautiful Ms. Lillin!

Lillin: Beautiful? Awww I wasn’t expecting that from a human. But thank you for the very nice introduction.

Calligraphy: Of course! A nice introduction should be given to such a fine specimen.

Lillin: You are not flirting with me, are you? Us, Satyrs, look very different from Humans.

Calligraphy: Not at all! I actually find your eyes and your horns to be quite charming.

Lillin: Stop it, Calli! Haha. This is supposed to be an interv—

Calligraphy: Oh my!! What happened to your legs and feet? I just noticed it now!

Lillin: Oh… that’s kind of rude… L But us, Satyrs, have these legs and feet… Like those you humans call goats.

Calligraphy: Oh I’m sorry. I was just surprised. Anyway, yeah I guess you’re right. Moving on with the interview, what’s the main role of Satyrs in Uld?

Lillin: <silence> oh yes? Sorry? The wind that just passed was so gentle, it sounds so refreshing! Could you repeat your question?

Calligraphy: Sure no problem. As I was saying, what’s the role of Satyrs in Uld?

Lillin: We are the oldest race in Uld. As such, we are very much connected with nature. In fact, we consider ourselves as guardians of Nature. It is nice to feel the gentleness of the wind as it slides through the strands of my hair.

Calligraphy: Such lovely words coming out from your lips…

Lillin: Hihi. Thank you! We are always like this. Humans say that we are so poetic.

Calligraphy: I see. So what else are the things that you usually do?

Lillin: We have a rather carefree attitude and we like to listen to music. We also value wisdom so we always take time to study nature magic and meditation.

Calligraphy: That sounds interesting! I would love to ask you a lot of things, but I’m afraid we don’t have enough time. Perhaps I’ll just ask more about you after this interview.

Lillin: Um… what do you mean?

Calligraphy: Uh sorry nevermind. Thank you for joining us, Lillin! And thank you all for staying with us. We hope that you all enjoyed these short interviews. 

Wednesday, January 11

What Mythos Race Are You?

Check this out everyone! Mythos Global has uploaded a new video about the four different races. It seems that they are updating it with annotations as soon as they finish the video for the particular race. As of now, the human and gremlin races have annotations near the end of the video that will link you to their particular vid.

Anyway, here's the teaser video:

What race will you choose?

Monday, January 9

Exclusive Interview with Grunt (Cyclops Race)

Calligraphy: For the third time, hi everyone! We are now graced by the presence of Grunt, a mighty Cyclops. Good day, Grunt!

Grunt: Hey kiddo!

Calligraphy: Uh… hi. Haha. Can I ask you something?

Grunt: Um isn’t that why I’m here? Are you scared of me?

Calligraphy: Uh yes… I mean no! Of course not! You’re just big and bulky, but I know that you have a kind heart, right?

Grunt: I don’t know. Maybe. So what’s your question?

Calligraphy: Oh, right. I want to know where do Cyclops live?

Grunt: There are many Cyclops in Uld so you can see Cyclops in many different places. But most of us came from a land with a very cold weather. That’s why we are very strong and our body can easily adapt to different temperatures and weather conditions.

Calligraphy: Ah that’s interesting. So why are you travelling with Chris?

Grunt: Ah that little guy? I just want to protect the weak with my strength. The monsters are getting savage recently and I don’t want to see any more victims. Even the Cyclops in our village was once betrayed and slaughtered, although I don’t want to talk about that.

Calligraphy: I understand. Well if that’s the case, let’s talk about something else. What are you carrying?

Grunt: This one is my favorite sword and this one is my favorite shield.

Calligraphy: Sword and shield? Don’t Cyclops use wooden clubs?

Grunt: Where did you get that idea?

Calligraphy: Um… from nowhere… really. Haha.

Grunt: Ok.

Calligraphy: Do you have anything else to say?

Grunt: None.

Calligraphy: Ok. I guess that will end our third interview. Our last interview will be with Ms. Lillin. See you guys until then!

Friday, January 6

Three Facebook and Forum Events

Mythos Global is certainly doing a lot of things to prepare us on OBT! Besides the different articles, videos, and wallpapers that they have released for the past week, they now announced three Facebook and forum events before the OBT period.

The first event is a forum event. Participants will have to make a signature to any of the forum moderators. And that includes me! :) Follow the mechanics below to win a surprise item! Good luck! You guys should make me a good siggy, ok? :)

The second event is a Facebook event. It's simply answering a Facebook quiz then posting the result on your wall and on the Mythos fan page. Read the complete mechanics below.

Lastly is the Mythos Lottery Line. Basically, you simply have to make a post on your wall inviting other people to try the game. Make sure that you like the Mythos Fan Page, and tag it by placing @Mythos before the message. The mechanics can be seen below.

So there you have it! We are already having lots of activities and events as early as now. If you have any questions about any of these events, feel free to drop a comment and I'll try to answer as soon as possible.


Thursday, January 5

Exclusive Interview with Leo (Gremlin Race)

Calligraphy: Hello everyone! I am here again to bring an exclusive interview from one of the residents of Planet Uld. I initially invited Lillin, since she has a good-sounding name. But since she has been busy recently, we are here with Leo instead. He’s a Gremlin and a friend of Chris.

Leo: I’m not sure whether to greet you since you seem to be disappointed to have me here instead of Lillin.

Calligraphy: No, of course not! I’m very happy to have you here. What were you thinking?

Leo: Yeah, right… Haha. Just kidding. I don’t really care anyway.

Calligraphy: Wew. You got me there. Haha. Anyway, I’m interested to know how you got acquainted with Chris and the others in your group.

Leo: I don’t know about the others since they are already with Chris when I joined. But Chris seems to have a goal as to why he is travelling around Uld. At any rate, being a Gremlin, I love to go out and explore. We are very lively and energetic. I guess being stuck in one place just doesn’t cut it. I’ll be booooooored to death. Boohoo. Besides, I also want to test my machines. Hehe.

Calligraphy: Speaking of machines, what do you have there? Chris doesn’t seem to understand anything that you are doing with those scrap… I mean devices.

Leo: Did I hear you say scrap?

Calligraphy: Huh? No, no! I didn’t. Please continue.

Leo: Ok. Anyway, I want to tinker a lot with my toys. Like this widget. It floats around and follows me wherever I go. It emits electricity to hurt those baddies! I always reconfigure them to prolong its life before it explodes. I also change the materials so as to improve conduction and emit a much stronger electric curre--

Calligraphy: Oh well that’s interesting!

Leo: What’s interesting? You didn’t even let me finish! Anyway, the electric current--

Calligraphy: And that’s it for today! Thank you, Leo, for granting our interview request. We hope to see you again sometime soon.

Leo: Boohoo. You’re a cheater! But anyway, I’m sure I can show off my gadgets later on and see if the electric current is strong enough to--

Calligraphy: Oh we’d love to! Thank you everyone for listening and see you again for another hot interview.

Wednesday, January 4

New Wallpapers! Human and Gremlin

Tired of the usual wallpapers with just a couple of images and a nice-looking background? Try downloading one of these wallpapers and be part of the Mythos world. Assume the role of the different races by personalizing your desktop with one of these.

The ones currently available are Human and Gremlin since it is their week. Up next would be the Cyclops and Satyr wallpapers.

Below are the links to download:



Monday, January 2

Exclusive Interview with Chris (Human Race)

Calligraphy: Hi! This is Calli! I’m the unlucky—I mean the lucky moderator chosen to give you the first among a series of interviews with the different races and residents of Planet Uld. To kick off the series, we will start with a human. Let us welcome Chris!

Chris: Hello Calli! It’s nice to see you!

Calligraphy: It’s nice to see you too! First of all, thank you very much for entertaining our interview request.

Chris: Oh that’s not a problem. I’d love to talk to fellow humans, you know. Uld just seems to be so different because of all the other races living there.

Calligraphy: I see. So can you tell us more about this planet Uld?

Chris: Sure thing! Uld is such an interesting place. Like I said, there are many races living there. The place is vibrant and there are a lot of places to explore. The only thing is, it is currently inhabited by a lot of dangerous monsters.

Calligraphy: Hmm… I’m not sure if vibrant and dangerous go along with each other…

Chris: Haha. Well, the terrain of Uld is very diverse. From caverns to icy peaks, those places are really fun to visit. But when it comes to monsters, I always carry my sword and shield for protection. Besides, I usually go out with my colleagues.

Calligraphy: Who are these colleagues you are talking about?

Chris: There’s Grunt, who’s a Cyclops. He’s strong and very reliable. There’s Lillin, a Satyr. She seems very gentle and kind, except against monsters that is. And there’s Leo, a Gremlin. I really don’t understand what he’s doing with his gadgets all the time. Haha.

Calligraphy: You seem to be a very diverse group! Good thing you’re in good terms with them.

Chris: Oh sure! You know us, humans. We’re very friendly and we flourish with the aid of all those who can aid us.

Calligraphy: I guess you’re right. Well anyway, I guess that would be it for now. <I’m kind of hungry already.> Thank you for giving us a glimpse of Uld and the different races living in your planet. I’ll be inviting your friends for an interview too, if you don’t mind.

Chris: Sure thing! Thank you too and have a nice day!

Come and Join Mythos' Race Week!

Hello and happy new year everyone! Let me start the year with a blog entry that will surely pique your interests. The Mythos Global team worked together and prepared a month-long event for all Mythos fans. For the whole month of January, you will be expecting news updates, fun articles, activities, and mini-contests!

To start things off is the "Race Week" that features the Human and Gremlin Races. Be sure to check the Mythos website, forum, and Facebook fan page to get updates and to participate in this month-long event. I will also be very active in this event so don't forget to visit this blog.

We hope that you will all enjoy the activities that we have prepared for you!