Wednesday, June 27

Chapter 20: Against All Odds

Night came and it was very peaceful and quiet. The villagers who stayed behind went down to their small compartments to hide and sleep. Grunt, Lillin, and Leo waited near the village gate and prepared themselves for the arrival of the undead.

“Do you think they will come back?” asked Lillin.

Grunt shrugged his shoulders. “I am not sure but it’s better to stay here for at least one night. We might also find some clues.”

The three waited for several more hours. At around twelve midnight, silhouettes rose from a nearby field. Leo immediately prepared his widgets and scattered them outside the gate covering a large area.

“Judging from their figure, it looks like they are indeed, the undead,” Grunt said.

Lillin and Grunt hid behind the village walls while Leo remained visible from outside. The undead saw him and rushed towards him. Their numbers are overwhelming and their faces are terrifying. Among them are the Skeleton Knights, Zombies, and Shadow Bats. When the front was almost near the gate, Leo activated his widgets. A tremendous electric current ran through each of the small widgets, releasing a devastating electrical attack. The raiding undead were electrocuted and couldn’t move, but only the shadow bats died from the attack.

“Grunt! Lillin! Help!” cried Leo.

Lillin and Grunt immediately went outside and saw what happened.

“Since when did the undead become immune to lightning attacks?” Lillin asked in confusion.

“I don’t know but we have no time to waste!” Grunt said. “Kill as many of them as possible while they still can’t move.”

Almost immediately after Grunt said this, the undead started to move.

“Leo, can you activate the widgets again?” asked Grunt.

“I’ve only used it once at the most, but I’ll try it again,” Leo said.

The widgets then released another strong electric current.

“Lillin, continuously fire at them with or without the electric current!” Grunt ordered. “They are electrified for ten seconds at the most. I will kill as many as I can near the gate and return inside before they can move again. Leo, activate it once they start running again!”

All three followed Grunt’s strategy and were able to kill a quarter of the enemy force. However, when Leo activated the widgets for the fourth time, the widgets shattered into pieces. The undead rushed towards the gate with frenzy.

Wednesday, June 20

Chapter 19: Dusk and Darkness

The mother cried, “Oh my beloved husband… is he still alive?”

“We don’t know. But you should evacuate now since there are nobody else here,” answered Grunt.

“Not all villagers left the village. Many houses here have small compartments so there should still be a number of people here who are just hiding,” said the mother.

“Can you tell us what exactly happened?” asked Lillin.

Wiping her tears away with her hands, the mother replied, “We were sleeping very peacefully last night. Suddenly, we were awoken by screams from nearby. We found out that the undead was raiding our village.”

“Undead? I thought most of them perished a few years ago,” Lillin said with surprise.

“And we were gravely mistaken,” added the woman. “My husband and some other men quickly took their swords to repel the undead. Some of the villagers ran away while others hid in these small compartments.”

“I see,” Grunt remarked. “With all the recent happenings, I can only say that someone or something must be controlling them. Forest animals attacking other people, enemy captains and leaders with tainted eyes, and the undead being resurrected, we’re up against one tough foe.”

“God Chaose from the prophecy?” Lillin asked.

Grunt nodded in affirmation.

“We’ll wait here and see if the undead will come back. You should take this time to run and find a safe place to stay,” ordered Grunt.

The mother continued to cry. “There is nowhere else we could go. We’ll just try and live our normal lives on day time and hide here at night.”

“Poor lad,” Lillin said then hugged the woman. “Isn’t there anything we can do, Grunt?”

“We’ll stay here until midnight and wait if the undead are coming back,” Grunt said. “If they arrive, we have to defeat them and banish them from Uld forever!”

“You’re really a brave guy, Grunt. Let us prepare, then, for this huge battle,” Lillin remarked.

“Count me in!” shouted Leo.

The three adventurers stayed with the mother and her children inside her house and comforted the family from the loss of a husband and father. It was a very touching scene, very different from the vicious battle that’s going to happen that same night.

Wednesday, June 13

Chapter 18: Journey to the Village of the Humans

“I’m surprised that for a young kid like you, it didn’t take long for us to convince you to accompany us,” said Grunt.

“My destiny is to save Uld! How can I not want that?” replied Leo. “I will do my best and be a hero! My father is watching over me. I’ll make him proud.”

The three adventurers peacefully crossed the Field of Grasswind. It was a nice escape from the grueling battles and experiences that they have had during the past few days. The blades of grass are dancing beautifully with the wind, swaying their tips as if greeting the adventurers.

“It’s good that this field remains untainted by the filthy hands of the Discordians!” remarked Lillin.

Grunt nodded. “Indeed. It would have been a waste if such a calm land will be ruined by the enemy.”

“Hey! There’s the village of the humans!” Leo interrupted.

“It looks like the village is still safe,” Lillin said with relief.

When they are near the village, they noticed something is amiss. The village is extremely quiet and the smell of blood travels with the wind.

Lillin gasped. “It can’t be! Are we too late?”

“Seems to be that way. Let’s search the village and see if there are any survivors. Hurry!” Grunt ordered.

“Wait! These widgets can detect the electric current running from a live body. Let’s follow these.” Leo said.

The widget floated in the air and released a weak electric flash. It started to move forward so the three adventurers followed. The widget turned right after the second corner and went inside a small house. Afterwards, it went under a wooden table and stayed there. Leo and Grunt looked at each other in confusion while Lillin moved the table aside and knocked on the floor.

“Anyone there? I am Lillin, a Satyr travelling alongside my friends. If anyone is in there, please answer me.” Lillin said.

A few moments of silence passed, but after a while, the floor was lifted revealing a small compartment. A female human peeked and then went out, followed by her two children.

“Who are you? What happened outside?” asked the mother.

“We just came here and found a number of dead soldiers in your village. It seems that the village has already been abandoned.” Grunt replied. “Can you tell us what happened?”

Wednesday, June 6

Chapter 17: Endless Cold

“Ugh… where am I? Why is it so dark in here?” Chris’ voice echoed in the midst of a vast lightless void.

“Lillin? Grunt? Can anyone here me!?” he shouted. “This is probably just a dream.”

Chris hit himself hard but he did not feel anything.

“I knew it! This is a dream! But why does it feel so real?” Chris was so lost in thought.

A small light emanated from afar, and in a split second, everything became bright. When Chris opened his eyes, he found himself in an icy terrain surrounded by mountains. The ground is covered entirely with snow.

“From total darkness, now I’m in a snow-covered land. What the heck is happening? I still can’t feel a single thing!” Chris remarked to himself, slightly annoyed by what’s happening to him.

Chris started walking to look for a village where he can stay. After a few minutes of walking, dark clouds started to form. Chris knew that a blizzard is coming. He was right. Seconds later, strong winds built up. Temperature is getting lower and lower but Chris’ numb body couldn’t feel it. He found a small opening that looks like a cave and went inside.

For nine days and nine nights, the blizzard didn’t stop. Chris stayed inside the cave, without the feeling of cold, hunger, and thirst. The cold blizzard also blew away Chris’ anger, boredom, and all his emotions. He just lied inside the cave and waited for the blizzard to end.

When Chris woke up the next morning, his body was sore and his stomach was grumbling with so much pain.

“Aaaaarrgghhhhh!!!!!” Chris screamed from the sudden pain that he is feeling.

“So this must be what Grunt was telling me… On the tenth day, I will feel everything that my body should have felt during those nine days…”

Chris became like a madman. He punched the cave walls and banged his head in agony. His screams echoed inside the cave. It is a scream of pain nobody else has endured before.

“Is this the challenge you want, huh!? Lillin, just give me one day and I’ll be able to craft you a beautiful ice crystal.”

His body is shivering nonstop and the pain in his entire body is like a thousand needles piercing repeatedly through his skin. He let out a big, tormented shout and then he collapsed.

Sunday, June 3

June Facebook Events

The Mythos Global team has just uploaded a few hours ago the details of the events that they will be doing on their Facebook fan page this June. I've read the mechanics and most of them are pretty simple to do, yet they are willing to give good prizes for it. Here are the three events lined up this month.
First on the list, which is starting this week is the "Patched Up Memories" event. Check the banner for the mechanics.
As you can see, all you have to do is take a screenshot of whatever you like the most about the content update.  The best thing here is that there's no competition whatsoever. Just post it on the fan page and you'll automatically win a reward!

The next event, scheduled to start next week is the "Answer Me, GM!" event. This is an interesting event since players will be able to test the knowledge of the GMs about Mythos. Shown below are the mechanics of the game:
If you have what it takes and you think that you have an unanswerable question which even the GMs will fail to answer, then try your luck here and get rewarded with a Skill Reset Scroll!

The third and final event which will happen on the third and fourth week of June is the "Online Bring Me" event. The details are shown below:
This should be a fun event since players will be asked to take a screenshot of the required scenario as quickly as possible. The first three players will win a protection aid and 5 luck potions! The good thing about this event is that it will happen for 10 days, which means players can get a lot of these prizes!

If you are interested to join, just make sure to frequently visit the Facebook fan page at: