Thursday, March 29

Chapter 8: Calming of the Waves

“So before we reach the Cavern of Firefall, we have to pass through Dustwind Valley, right?” Chris asked for confirmation.

Lillin replied, “Yes, which means that we probably need to kill the green goblins first before we reach your real enemy. Let’s proceed silently and keep confrontations at a minimum.”

“Who cares? Green or fire, they’re all goblins and they are all enemies. Let’s kill whichever goblin is on sight,” Chris arrogantly said.

“I’m taking back what I said to you before,” Grunt intervened. “It seems that you did not inherit your father’s courage. You are just plain stupid and arrogant.”

Chris retorted, “Coming from a war-freak Cyclops? You’re just following us so keep out of this conversation.”

Chris continued walking. Lillin briefly talked to Grunt and apologized for Chris’ behavior. They followed him shortly after. While striding through the scorching heat of the valley, the two noticed that Chris is walking very carefully, cautious of his surroundings. Lillin and Grunt looked at each other with a smile.

“Stop!” Chris suddenly but silently exclaimed.

A group of green goblins walked through a narrow passage, and then disappeared from sight. Lillin and Grunt became even more astonished and intrigued, but they went ahead without uttering a single word. After a few hours of careful travelling, the three successfully passed through Dustwind Valley without being seen by the enemy.

“There’s the Cavern of Firefall,” Lillin said.

Chris looked back and gave a smile.

The three travelers carefully entered the cavern. Inside, they saw fire goblins that are busy mining something from the site. Confrontation is inevitable. They rushed towards the goblins and killed as many as they can before the goblins could alert their leader. They pushed deeper and deeper into the cavern until they came upon a huge room.

Waiting for them are several fire goblins, and their leader Purete. The size of their leader is almost ten times the size of a normal fire goblin. Chris, however, is so determined, he didn’t even show a sign of fear.

Chris and Grunt ran towards the horde, while Lillin stayed at the back to support them.

Thursday, March 22

Chapter 7: Moving Forward

Chris and Lillin prepared to set out early the next morning. The sun shone beautifully. The village went back to its calm and peaceful state, as if no battle occurred just the day before.

“Aaaahh… it’s time to leave,” Lillin cheerfully said. “This is such a nice place, but the cold wind is too much for my skin.”

“Yeah…” Chris gave a weak reply.

Lillin felt sorry for Chris and gave him a hug. “It’s going to be alright, Chris.”

“All this time, I believed that the Cyclops abandoned us. My anger for them was just as much as my anger towards the fire goblins,” Chris said. “I can’t believe that I was wrong all along.”

“Where’s the strong-hearted Chris that I knew for a long time?” asked Lillin. “I’m sure the Chris that I know will just charge forward and kill fire goblins instead of thinking about something unnecessary.”

Chris let out a small smile. “Was that a compliment or an insult? Anyway, you’re right. Now I’ll definitely make sure there’s no fire goblin left in Uld before I die!”

Grunt and Gorlon went out of the house and saw Chris and Lillin.

“Leaving already?” asked Grunt.

“Yes. There’s no more reason for us to stay here,” replied Chris.

“I’ll come with you,” Grunt said.

Chris and Lillin were both surprised. Chris then asked, “Why are you coming with us? You don’t even know where we’re going.”

“I don’t have to know where. I just know that you’re going out to kill the fire goblins,” Grunt said. “I’ll help you. That’s what the village chief wants.”

Chris smiled, “If you’re going to help us, then you’re welcome to join. Just make sure you kill more than you eat. Haha.”

“Good luck with your journey, young ones,” Gorlon said. Then, he went to Grunt and said, “Farewell warrior. Remember what I told you last night.”

The three warriors walked towards the west, to follow the rumor about the fire goblin leader’s whereabouts. All of them are aware of the danger that’s coming to them, but they are all walking bravely, each with personal goals in mind.

Thursday, March 15

Chapter 6: Revelations

The yetis and the grass goblins became disorganized after the fall of their leader. They ran at all directions, which made it easy for the humans and Cyclops to kill them one at a time. After a few minutes, the village of Ishrock was devoid of living yeti and goblins. Many of the raiders were able to run, but many have also fallen and will just remain a footnote of this battle’s history.

“Long live the village chief!” shouted the Cyclops. “For Ishrock!”

There was a huge celebration that night. The humans and Cyclops ate and drank to their heart’s content. Amidst the celebration, was a house filled with intense conversation.

“I have helped save the village,” said Chris. “Now you have a lot to answer!”

Gorlon spoke calmly, “What is it young one?”

“The town of Seren!” Chris angrily answered. “Why did the Cyclops forsake our village?”

“So you are Chris, the sole survivor in the town of Seren… The Cyclops did not forsake your village.” said Gorlon.

“We got the request from your town,” Grunt said. “It was I who headed the reinforcement squad and we immediately departed as soon as we got your request. Unfortunately, we were ambushed by a group of fire goblins. They were expecting us to come.”

Chris listened intently.

Grunt continued, “We are a strong race. We annihilated the ambush group, but it was able to delay our arrival.”

“Delay?” Chris retorted. “You didn’t even arrive!”

“You were a small child back then,” said Gorlon. “If our reinforcement didn’t come, you wouldn’t be standing in front of us at this very moment.”

“We are very sorry for what happened to your village. We were too late to save it, but not yet too late to save you. It was I who knocked you unconscious when you tried to attack the fire goblins. Even as a child, you certainly have the courage of your father,” Grunt explained. “My squad quickly dispatched the fire goblins that stayed in your village, then took you to a neighboring town. Your surrogate mother, Elsa, should still remember me.”

After hearing this, Chris slowly stood up and walked outside. Lillin followed him, and they both stared at the night sky.

Gorlon, on the other hand, spoke to Grunt. “He is indeed the descendant of the ancients…”

Thursday, March 8

Chapter 5: The Battle Rages

A platoon of human soldiers marched towards Ishrock, and brought hope to the village. Strengthened by the arrival of reinforcements, the Cyclops warriors let out a huge war cry.

“For Ishrock!!” shouted the noble Cyclops warriors.

With hundreds of soldiers rushing towards the village, the yetis and the grass goblins started to become overwhelmed. The Cyclops and the humans banded together in perfect unison to overcome the threat. After hours of nonstop fighting and when victory seemed to be at hand, the leader of the raiders appeared. Walking slowly at a distance is Priotus, a twenty five-feet tall yeti.

“A yeti of that size only means that he’s the leader, I suppose?” Chris jokingly remarked, amazed by the huge specie coming towards their direction.

“His name is Priotus, second in command in the Uriak tribe,” said Grunt.

Chris was even more amazed! “You mean this big guy is just second in command?”

“Yes. The leader of the Uriak tribe is bigger and bulkier, not to mention that the Uriak tribe is one of the smaller yeti tribes here in Icepeaks,” explained Grunt.

“Heh! That doesn’t matter,” Chris arrogantly replied. “I’m going to kill this big guy and squeeze the answers out of your village chief!”

Chris dashed towards Priotus and killed all yetis that stood in his way.

“There he goes again,” Lillin let out a sigh.

As if forced to protect him, Lillin and Grunt followed Chris. With pinpoint accuracy, the gentle but deadly Satyr, shot dead the sneaky goblins who tried to kill Chris from behind. Chris, on the other hand, continued rushing and lunged an aerial sword attack to the yeti’s leader. Intrigued by his little aggressor, Priotus brushed Chris off with a single hand. Chris fell hard on the snowy ground.

“Chris!!” yelled Lillin, and fired three quick bullets to the yeti’s body.

The yeti was unaffected and continued walking towards the house of the village chief. The other Cyclops warriors and human soldiers went to attack him, but all their efforts were in vain.

“I’m not yet done with you!” shouted Chris.

He ran towards Priotus and jumped. With a sword in his hand, he stabbed the yeti at the back of its head. Priotus let out a cry of pain and finally fell down, dead.

“Impossible! Is that…?” the village chief couldn’t believe what he just saw. Nobody else noticed, but for him, it was as clear as the flowing river.

Sunday, March 4

Mythos Global March Events

Here's the official press release of T3Fun about Mythos Global's March events. I've also added the event banners posted on their website and Facebook fan page.

LOS ANGELES – March 1, 2012 - After one month of successful open beta testing, Hanbitsoft and T3Fun are going to give Mythos Global players a month full of events and challenges with plenty of opportunities to win prizes.
The Opportunity to Defeat a GM!
The “Lamento Fever” gives players the chance to measure their skills up against a GM. Losing in the battle will still yield rewards, but winning the battle will bring you a bigger and better bounty, not to mention the honor of annihilating a GM!

To Our Loyal Players
“Bones on the Run” is an event that will provide bonus items depending on the player’s t-coin purchase. Devoted players help make the Mythos game community active and this is a token of appreciation.

Hardcore Players, Rejoice!
The GMs have decided to take a part-time job of becoming a merchant in the “Random Merchant” event. Once they announce their presence, rush to their locations to get a free stamina potion!

Facebook Events
Mythos Masterpiece” has players showcasing their artistic prowess or creative minds. The three most creative and popular masterpieces will take home well-deserved prizes!

Start inviting friends to “like” the Mythos Facebook Fan Page! The “Rush For Fortune” event will reward all players with an even higher luck buff and experience bonus buff when the target number of “likes” is achieved before the deadline.

March will surely be a fun-filled month in Mythos Global. For more information about the game, visit the Mythos website.
Like us at the Mythos’ official Facebook Fan Page.