Thursday, July 12

Chapter 22: The Field and The Sky

“Tomorrow” however, was too early for Lillin. She laid in bed for two days before finally regaining consciousness. The three adventurers prepared to set out once Lillin had fully recovered. They thanked the kind woman for letting them stay and bid her and her children farewell.

“So, we’re heading to another village?” asked Leo.

“Yes,” Grunt answered. “We will continue on protecting villages while searching for the other destined children.”

Leo thought about it for a while then blurted out, “What if you are the fourth destined child? We’ve been journeying together and Lillin turned out to be one of the destined children too!”

“What do you mean?” Lillin interrupted.

“Don’t you remember anything?” asked Leo.

Lillin shook her head. “None at all. All I remember was that we were fighting a huge force of undead.”

“You killed most of them in a single attack,” Grunt said.

Lillin was surprised. “Really? I don’t understand. What happened?”

“Do you remember charging up your rifle for one final attack?” Grunt explained. “Instead of your usual electric cannon, a gust of green cloud was released by your rifle. It seemed to be a very strong poison that killed a majority of the undead.”

Lillin remained silent.

“Grunt said you may be one of the destined children. And I think you are!” Leo said smiling.

“I am not yet sure about it but it seems that what triggered your hidden ability was the same as Chris and Leo,” Grunt speculated. “The elements that the three of you were able to control are different. If you are indeed a destined child, then the last one should be the one controlling the element of fire.”

“I’m still not sure about me being a destined child, but if one of the destined children controls fire, how are we supposed to distinguish him from all other pyromancers?” asked Lillin. “Among the four elements, fire was successfully passed on up to our time.”

“I don’t know,” Grunt said. “Let’s just hope that he stands out from the crowd.”

After two hours of walking, they saw sparkles and flashes of white and red in a distant field.

“What is that? It looks awesome!” Leo said with excitement.

“Come on! Let’s see what’s happening there,” said Grunt.

Wednesday, July 4

Chapter 21: The Gentle Poison

“Fall back!” Grunt ordered. “There are still too many of them for us to fend off.”

Leo and Grunt started to retreat but Lillin stayed behind.

Grunt noticed it and shouted, “Lillin! What are you doing? Fall back!”

“I’m not letting this village fall!” exclaimed Lillin. “Nature, please give me strength!”

Lillin charged up her rifle with all of her energy. The undead rushed towards her like a horde of wolves preying on a single sheep.

“Lillin, run! Your electric cannon will not work against them!” Grunt said while running towards Lillin to save her.

After completely charging up, Lillin fired her rifle. A strong gust of green cloud went out of the rifle which suffocated the undead. The raiders went down to their knees one by one, then died painfully and slowly. Only a handful in the rear survived the attack. Lillin collapsed due to exhaustion.

“Leo! Take care of her and make sure nobody comes near,” Grunt said. “I’ll kill all the remaining ones.”

Grunt easily defeated all the remaining undead then went back to see Lillin’s condition.

“Lillin is so strong! I never knew she had that ability!” Leo said with excitement.

Grunt nodded. “I was surprised myself. Perhaps, she is also one of the destined children.”

“Really? That’s great!!” Leo got even more excited.

“It’s still too early to say so, but at least we’re safe,” said Grunt. “Let’s go back to the woman’s house and let Lillin rest.”

Grunt carried Lillin and went back to the woman’s house together with Leo. He laid Lillin to a bed while Leo knocked on the floor where the small compartment is located. The lid opened slightly. When the mother saw that it was Leo, she slowly went outside and asked what happened.

“Are you sure?” asked the mother.

“Yes. The village is safe for now,” said Grunt. “The other villagers need not hide inside these small compartments at night and you can also ask the other villagers who left to return.”

The mother let out a sigh of relief and asked her children to go out of the compartment. “Thank you so much, adventurers! We will forever be grateful. You may come here anytime if you need anything.”

“Thank you so much, Madam. We will probably just rest here tonight and leave tomorrow once our comrade has recovered,” Grunt said politely.