Wednesday, February 29

Chapter 4: Fight For Answers

“How dare you! Chief, you want me to crush the skull of this human?” exclaimed the Cyclops warrior.

“No. Let him speak,” says Gorlon. Turning to Chris, he politely said, “I am prepared to answer all your questions, but this is not the time for it. As you can see, the village is currently under attack.”

“I have no concern about the safety of this village. But if that’s what it takes to get answers from you, then I’ll gladly kill a thousand goblins,” Chris remarked.

Chris joined the other Cyclops warriors in the field to battle the endless wave of goblins and yetis. He swung his sword in rapid succession and killed the enemies, one after another.

“It can’t be!” exclaimed Gorlon.

“What is it?” asked the Cyclops warrior.

Gorlon humbly requested, “Grunt, could you help the human in the battlefield and observe if there is something peculiar with his sword?”


Grunt, once again, fought side by side with Chris. It was a tiresome battle and the hope for the arrival of reinforcements seemed to be lying in the horizon. Grunt carefully observed Chris, but did not notice anything unusual. Chris, on the other hand, continued the slaughter, as if fueled by tremendous rage.

“Watch out, human!” Grunt shouted.

A grass goblin suddenly jumped over a yeti positioned at Chris’ blind spot, but it missed its target. It was already dead when it hit the ground. It was bleeding, and the mark was readily noticed by Chris. Running towards them was Lillin.

“Will you ever learn how to calm down? Rage will only result to your own demise,” said Lillin. “I am not always here to watch your back.”

“Heh. I will never learn to calm down as long as I know that you’re still watching my back,” Chris replied. “Thank you for saving me yet again.”

“My debt to you will always remain. I will always protect you until my last breath.” Lillin said with conviction.

Grunt interrupted the conversation, “You two save the chitchat for later. We have a village to protect and a thousand goblins to slay.”

At a distance, came a shout that gave life to the raided village. Reinforcements have finally arrived!

Tuesday, February 28

One Million Dungeons Cleared in Mythos Global Open Beta

T3Fun and Hanbitsoft have recently released some interesting statistics about Mythos Global. The infographics show several information like the percentages of character classes and gender, as well as the total number of dungeon runs made.

These information were gathered within a span of just two weeks, from the start of OBT last February 2 until February 15.

So come and join the Mythos Global experience! Take part in the millions and millions of activities happening in the world of Uld. Register an account and visit the Mythos website at

Wednesday, February 22

Chapter 3: The Meeting

“Lillin, hurry!”

The terrifying roar of the war drums thundered more and more as the two adventurers neared the Mountain of Icepeaks.

“Look out!” exclaimed Lillin and shot the wolf that was running towards her companion.

Surprised, Chris let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you. Let’s proceed with caution.”

Chris and Lillin breezed through the fertile lands of Elderwood, and killed any creature that threatened their lives. After a few moments of nonstop running, they reached the foot of the mountain. Black smoke tarnished the supposed clear sky.

“The village chief! We have to talk to him before it’s too late!” Chris dashed towards the village at full speed.

“Stay calm! The village is surrounded by the Yetis and the Grass Goblins! Ugh… he’s always so reckless,” Lillin followed cautiously.

The Cyclops are holding the raiders at bay, but the grass goblins continue to come from all directions. Goblins and Yetis are being slain from left to right, but reinforcements keep on coming.

“Where are they all coming from? Why are they here?” asked a Cyclops warrior.

The village chief shrugged his shoulders. “We do not know their intentions, but we must hold until the humans arrive.”

Coming from the south, a familiar form emerged. It was Chris, angrily slaughtering the grass goblins.

“Reinforcements?” exclaimed the Cyclops.

“No. It looks like he’s alone. Who is he?” asked the village chief.

The Cyclops went towards the human. Fighting alongside each other, they defeated the small group of grass goblins in the area. The two conversed and walked straight to the village chief.

“Are you the village chief?” asked Chris.

“Yes. I am Gorlon, the village chief of Ishrock,” was the calm reply.

“Then you have a lot to answer from me!” Chris said angrily.

Wednesday, February 15

Chapter 2: From Green to Blue

The rustling of dried leaves echoed throughout Elderwood as the two ventured the forest. It was certainly a pleasant sight to behold. Gigantic trees stood tall with branches opened wide as if welcoming the adventurers. Everything was green and brown. The growth of the forest hasn’t been disturbed for many years, and the Satyrs have done well to preserve it.

“Ah… there really isn’t a place in Uld that is more vibrant than Elderwood!” exclaimed Lillin.

Chris, on the other hand, continued walking as if he didn’t hear anything so the two proceeded. Elderwood is vast and it’s easy to get lost with one misstep. It was only because of Lillin that Chris can easily go in and out of the forest.

“Chris, don’t you like this forest too?” asked Lillin.

Annoyed by the question, Chris looked at Lillin. “We are not here to sightsee!” said Chris. “Besides, I’m not a lover of forests. Anything that easily burns is a thing of weakness.”

Taken aback, Lillin let out a deep sigh. It is one thing for a Satyr to be yelled at, but it’s another thing for someone to disgrace their most beloved place. But Lillin knew Chris well enough. She took everything in, and proceeded silently.

As they get deeper and deeper into the forest, Lillin heard a vicious howl from a distance. Almost immediately, Chris took out his sword and killed a snake that swept through the ground and jumped behind Lillin.

“What’s wrong? All the animals in this place don’t normally attack people, especially a Satyr…” Lillin was lost in thought and was very confused.

“This is not the time to think about it! Pull out your gun! We are completely surrounded!” exclaimed Chris.

Finally, Lillin was able to gather courage. “I’m sorry my beloved forest. I have to take the life of some of your children, in order to preserve mine and my companion.”

The wolves attacked ferociously, but Chris made quick work of them. Lillin fired three bullets with her sturdy rifle, and they pierced through the wild bear leading the pack.

Letting out a sigh, Lillin mumbled, “No! What happened to this sacred place that the Satyrs have protected for so long?”

“Things are getting worst. We have to know what’s happening. Let’s hurry to the Mountain of Icepeaks!” Chris said with great resolve.

As soon as they started walking, a loud explosion was heard from the direction of the Mountain of Icepeaks. Surprised, the two sped up and ran towards their destination.

Thursday, February 9

Chapter 1: Chris


The terrified screams of the villagers rang across the fiery sky as the fire goblins raided the once peaceful town of Seren. Bodies of defenseless humans fell one by one, and the ground was painted red with blood and fire.

“Stay here! Don’t come out no matter what happens,” says a bearded man.

“No! I’m scared. Don’t leave me here, Father!” the voice of the child was barely heard.

Wielding his iron sword and shield, the man calmly said, “I will be alright. It is my duty to protect our town. The Cyclops will come to our aid so you need not worry.”

The man departed the house. The young child anxiously waited for the arrival of his honorable father. Minutes passed and the screaming and wailing slowly faded. Then, there was silence.

“Father?” the child whispered.

He slowly crawled out of the cupboard. Shaking, but with great determination, he peeked through their battered door. Outside lies the bodies of villagers, soaked in their own blood. The stench of burnt flesh and blood seeped through the tiny holes of the door. Terrified, the boy let out a gasp. It was then when he saw five fire goblins, gathered around a seemingly familiar form. It was the corpse of his father, with his sword still pierced through the heart of the goblin’s leader. The other goblins are desecrating the corpse as if in grieve retaliation.

Filled with anger, the boy dashed outside and charged towards the goblins. Startled, the goblins prepared to attack, but the boy suddenly collapsed when hit by something from behind.

“Father… no…” were the final words of the boy.


“It’s that dream again,” says Chris as he slowly wakes up from his deep slumber.

Lillin, a female Satyr travelling with Chris, noticed that he is awake. “Are you really sure about this quest you are speaking of? You have been dreaming the same dream ever since you ventured outside your village.”

“I have dedicated my whole life to fulfill this mission. The horrors of the day Seren was attacked will never leave me until I extinguish every last fire goblin in Uld!” Chris said to her worried companion. “Petty dreams like this will not stop me from my goal!”

With those words, the two started to pack their bags and headed out to the Mountain of Icepeaks.

Friday, February 3

Mythos Global OBT Now Live and with Lots of Events

Finally! The much-awaited day has come! Players may now enter the world of Uld as the game enters OBT phase. To make this day extra special, the Mythos team prepared a LOT of events for you to participate. Here are the mechanics of all the events.

Let's start with the one that will start very soon. According to the Fan Page, this event isn't originally part of their set events. However, due to the success of the game's OBT, it seems that the team will be giving away items to their Facebook Fans.

If you're not a fan yet, go here and like the page. You will certainly get a lot of updates and participate in lots of events by doing so.
Facebook Fan Page

Anyway, here's the mechanics of the first event.

Next is an in-game event called the Level Race. This is similar to the first Level Race during CBT. But since level cap is higher, this is more difficult and will take more time. However, the prizes are definitely better too.

The second event is collecting legendary items for your character.

The third and fourth events are given automatically. The first one is gives items when you level up, while the second one gives everyone times 2 luck, which means better drop rate.

The next one is another Facebook event.

The last event is something that could help the game be more successful. You just have to create a review and post it in a forum.

As you can see, there are a lot of events for the OBT. Don't miss this opportunity! Join and participate in as many of the events as you can! Don't forget to check the duration. Enjoy!