Sunday, April 29

Chapter 12: A Fiery Mark of Beginning

“What happened? You look upset,” Lillin asked Grunt when they finally caught up with each other.

“We have to leave this place as soon as possible,” Grunt replied. “The village cannot be saved. Let’s hurry and find a safe place.”

Lillin was troubled. “Why are you just leaving your village like that? Tell us what happened.”

“I’ll explain everything once we…” Grunt was interrupted by a strong tremor.

After a few seconds, a thick pillar of fire burst out from the direction of Ishrock. Lillin and Chris saw the massive spectacle, while Grunt couldn’t even look back.

“What kind of powerful spell is that?” Chris asked in astonishment.

“It’s the scroll of Volcanic Embers,” Grunt replied. “It’s a spell that only the Chief knows how to use. It draws some of the fire out of Uld’s core, and incinerates everything within a 50-meter radius.”

“But… what will happen to the caster?” Lillin asked.

“As I said, the spell burns everything within its range. That includes all the village raiders, but also the Chief, the other Cyclops warriors, and the village of Ishrock.”

Lillin let out a gasp. Even Chris was silenced by what he has just heard.

“At any rate,” Grunt continued, “this is not the time to mourn. We have to go to the next village. They are also probably being invaded by the Discordians.”

“I’m sorry but what’s the three of us going to do against hordes of enemies?” Chris said in a sarcastic manner.

“Did the death of the goblin leader and the fulfillment of your revenge make you a coward, now?” Grunt retorted.

“Your Chief used a strong spell that incinerated the whole village of Ishrock just to kill those nutheads!” Chris exclaimed. “What can we possibly have to protect any village from being attacked?”

“We have you,” Grunt said.

“Me?” Chris seemed confused.

Grunt sighed. “In as much as I don’t like entrusting the fate of Uld to an ill-tempered adventurer, I will have to trust what the Chief told me that you are one of the destined children.”

“You mean the one in the legends who can control one of the four elements?” Lillin interrupted.

“Yes,” then Grunt looked at Chris. “You possess the power to manipulate ice, one of the three forgotten elemental magic. The Chief asked me to help you in your adventures to become stronger, and to find the other three destined children who will save Uld from the Discordians.”

Wednesday, April 18

Chapter 11: The Final Command

On the way back to Ishrock, the group of adventurers noticed black smoke coming again from the direction of the village. They all hurried back, although they couldn’t travel very fast because Chris is still very weak and exhausted from the last encounter.

“Lillin, you take care of Chris and follow,” Grunt said. “I have to hurry back! I have to know what’s happening to my village!”

Lillin nodded. “I understand. Hurry now! May nature’s blessing be with you.”

Grunt hurried to his village while Lillin slowly walked with Chris. The battle seems to be very intense as the war cry and gunshots echo across Dustwind Valley.

“Hold your ground mighty Cyclops! Smite anyone who dares stain our village!” shouted one of the Cylcops captains.

Ishrock is being overrun by a much larger number of yetis and ice wolves. Casualties were minimal during the previous battle, but this one is different. Bodies of dead Cyclops lay alongside several of the killed raiders. When Grunt finally reached the village, he went straight to the village chief. He saw the village chief, preparing a scroll that contains sealed spells.

Grunt exclaimed, “The Scroll of Volcanic Embers! Chief, you can’t possibly be…”

“Yes I am,” the Chief interrupted. “The Discordians are wreaking havoc all over Uld. It is only a matter of time before our village is overrun.”

“No! We will protect this village!”

Gorlon sighed, “Brave warrior, it is inevitable. I have kept this scroll for this very moment. This moment when all villages will be attacked by the Discordians, and only a few brave souls will be able to suppress it.”

Grunt shook his head. “I don’t understand!”

“How was your journey with the human? Is my intuition correct?” Gorlon asked.

“Yes. Chris was able to manipulate the element of ice, but he doesn’t know yet how to use it properly.” Grunt replied.

Gorlon smiled. “I see. Chris, is indeed a destined child. According to the legends, four heroes will emerge, each controlling one of the four elements. Even the three elements, long-forgotten by many generations, will be revived. They will be the ones who will save Uld from the Discordians.”

Grunt remained silent. He couldn’t understand what the Chief was trying to tell.

“Where are your companions? Leave the village and go with them. Your task is to guide the destined child so that he’ll grow strong.” Gorlon ordered. “In your adventures, you may find the other three destined children who will save Uld. Promise me this, valiant warrior.”

“I understand,” Grunt replied.

Gorlon continued, “Go now! Meet with your new friends and be strong! The fires from this scroll will put a scar in the face of Uld that will never be forgotten. It will also mark the start of the four heroes’ destinies.”

Grunt ran back towards the direction of his companions. He slew the ice wolves and yetis that blocked his way. It was a sad moment for him to leave the chief and his village, knowing the fiery outbreak that will spell their demise. But the brave warrior moved forward, carrying with him his Chief’s last command.

April Events

Hello everyone! I know that this is quite late since we're halfway through April, but it is still not too late. Haha. Here's a rundown of the Mythos Global events for this month.

I'm going to highlight first the Facebook event. It is called "Mythical Quiz" and it started just a few days ago (That's why it's still not yet too late. Hehe). Anyway, the event will continue until next week so there's still a lot of time. If you haven't liked the fan page yet, now is the time. Here's the URL of the fan page, as well as the mechanics of the event:

The next Facebook event is a permanent event. Yes, you heard it right! It started last April 1 and will continue as long as this world exists. The mechanics are shown below:

Next, we go to the in-game events.The first two are relatively the same. At random days of the month, the x2 luck buff and/or x2 experience buff will be turned on. This will enable players to get better loots and level up faster.

The next event is called Golden Trash. This event will enable you to exchange a scrap material, as decided by the GM, and exchange it for better items. The mechanics are given below:

Last, but not the least, is the "Bid for Glory." The event is an extension of the previous month's event with the same mechanics.

There are still enough time to to participate in all these events! Don't miss out and grab those rewards!

Wednesday, April 11

Chapter 10: Clear as a Crystal

Chris whirled his sword in the air and the ice fragments floating around his body bonded together and formed a sharp icy spear. He dropped his shield and formed signs with his fingers. Slowly, water from the cavern formed two pillars that intersected Purete’s hands and feet. With a snap of his fingers, Chris froze the water and turned it into thick ice. He waved his sword and pointed it towards Purete. Almost immediately, the spear flew towards the dreadful goblin, and pierced through its body.

Chris fainted due to exhaustion, but the icy pillars kept the dead body of Purete in standing position. All the other fire goblins became disorganized and started to run. Lillin, on the other hand, recovered consciousness and looked around.

“Chris!” she exclaimed when she saw Chris lying in the middle of the room.

“Don’t worry,” said Grunt. “I think he’s fine.”

“What happened?” asked Lillin.

Grunt slowly positioned Chris in sitting position on a huge rock.

“It is like what the Chief told me,” Grunt began. “The Chief noticed Chris’ ability during his last attack that killed Priotus. Your companion knows how to control the element of ice.”

Lillin looks confused. “I don’t understand. Control of the other elements was lost several years ago. The only ancient magic that was passed to us is manipulation of the fire element. How can this be possible?”

“I couldn’t believe the Chief as well,” Grunt said. “But when I saw Chris, controlling the element of ice, I realized that it is true. However, it seems that he cannot fully control his powers yet.”

Lillin looked at Purete’s dead body. “Such thick wall of ice! Even when the caster is unconscious, the ice remains solid.”

“Indeed. Let us wait here and let Chris recover,” Grunt remarked. “Using that ability may have drained out most of his energy.”

“Yes. There is no reason to hurry. I am sure the burden of revenge has been lifted from Chris with the death of the fire goblin’s leader.” Lillin said with content.

Grunt sat down to rest while Lillin continued to observe the ice spectacle. Looking at Purete, she suddenly stopped.

“Not again! Something’s wrong!” Lillin exclaimed.

Grunt immediately stood up and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Lillin shook her head. “Look at his eyes! It has the same black stripes as the bear that we killed on our way to Ishrock.”

“Now that you mention it, I noticed that Priotus’ eyes were different too.” Grunt mentioned. “We have to go back to the chief! We have a lot to tell him.”

Wednesday, April 4

Chapter 9: The Hidden Talent Revealed

“Dieeee!!!!!” Chris’ scream resounded with fury.

Fire goblins fell to the ground one by one with every swing of Chris’ sword. Grunt, on the other hand, slowly pounded his opponents to the ground. Lillin maintained a safe distance and shot any goblin that tried to go near.

As more goblins came into the room, Chris ran immediately towards their leader to quickly finish it off. The goblins quickly surrounded him to protect their leader.

“Slicing dervish!” Chris shouted while whirling his sword.

The attack killed all the goblins around him. He then dashed towards the leader, but Purete used its fire magic to fend Chris off.

“Chris!” Lillin shouted with worry.

“I’m fine!” Chris shouted back, but he’s suffering from major burns.

The two couldn’t help him because of the sheer number of fire goblins in the room. Purete prepared to cast his deadliest fire attack and aimed it at Chris. After a few seconds, fiery rocks fell from the ceiling of the cavern and fell straight at Chris.

“Chris, no!!!” Lillin screamed.

She charged her remaining mana to fire her ultimate attack.

“Electric cannon!”

Several bursts of electricity came from her rifle and killed most of the fire goblins in the room. She then slowly fell on her feet due to exhaustion. Grunt rushed towards her to protect her from the other goblins that are still alive.

On the other hand, the rocks that fell at Chris started to move and the flames started to freeze. Slowly, cracks from the rocks appeared, and broke into pieces. Grunt couldn’t believe what he just saw.

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” Chris’s voice echoed again in the entire room.

His body is covered with white smoke and small shards of ice are floating around him. He looks very calm, yet his power is much greater than before.

“It can’t be! The chief is right…” Grunt exclaimed.