Wednesday, May 30

Chapter 16: The Second Destined Child

“Impossible! Could he be…” Grunt exclaimed.

Lillin nodded. “Probably.”

The two rushed towards the young Gremlin and checked if he’s alright. The villagers, on the other hand, were all confused but started to return to the village.

“Leo!” a beautiful female Gremlin ran towards Leo. It was his mother.

“He seems to be completely exhausted but he should be fine,” assured Grunt.

The female Gremlin hugged her child and carried him slowly to their house. Lillin and Grunt followed. The rest of the villagers went to mourn for their loved ones who have fallen to the hands of the raiders.

“Good afternoon, Madam, can we stay here as well?” asked Grunt. “We would like to ask a few things from your son once he has recovered.”

“I am Loreen. What are you going to ask? Maybe I can answer them for him,” the mother replied.

Lillin and Grunt looked at each other, then Grunt spoke, “I’m sure you’ve seen what your child did to save your village. We believe that your son is one of the destined children who can control one of the four elements.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Loreen said. “The story of the destined children is just a legend. Nobody believes it.”

“Please believe us! One of our companions is a destined child. He can control the element of ice, an ability that has been long forgotten,” explained Lillin.

Loreen looked at her son. Finally she said, “Who are you? Why should I believe your stories?”

Grunt answered, “I am Grunt, one of the generals of the Cyclops. I am travelling with Lillin and a fellow named Chris who is one of the destined children. I was asked by our village chief to protect Chris and find the other destined children who are prophesied to save Uld…”

“Please I don’t want to hear any more!” the woman interrupted. “I just lost my husband and my son is trying his best to recover. I don’t want to hear any make-believe lore of the past.”

“I just lost my village, my friends, my comrades, and the village chief…” Grunt sadly recounted.

“What happened?” asked the female Gremlin.

Lillin responded, “Just like Steeltop, his village was also raided by the Discordians. However, unlike your village which was saved by your son, Ishrock was completely destroyed. The village chief used a spell that killed all the raiders, but also burned the village and its residents in the process.”

“I… I can’t believe it!” the mother gasped.

“It is true,” Grunt said. “The prophecy is happening and we need your son to help us protect everyone from the attack of the Discordians. Our village has already fallen and yours barely managed to carry on. We need the aid of the destined children to protect the other villages!”

“I don’t know what kind of destiny awaits my son, but I don’t want to lose him, not after losing my husband…” Loreen started to cry.

Lillin hugged Loreen. “We will do our best to protect him. Grunt and I are not one of the destined children but we have a firm resolve to protect what has been entrusted to us. Please believe in us, and more importantly, believe in your son. He is destined to protect Uld.”

Thursday, May 24

The Much-Awaited Content Update of Mythos Global is Now Live!

Indeed, the level 60 cap update that many Mythos players have been waiting for has finally arrived. Here's a copy of the official Press Release from the Mythos Global Team.

Today Hanbitsoft and T3Fun announced the release of Mythos Global’s largest content update yet. In this major new expansion to the fantasy land of Uld, all-new storylines and quests are being introduced, including a new zone that features the terrifying Land of the Dead, 23 new dungeons, an increased level cap and the brand new gameplay mode Crystal Defense. Check out the new content in the launch trailer now.
With the level cap now raised to 60, experienced players can adventure to Fog Island, where the God of the Undead stands unchallenged—until now. This eerie land is home to three new areas: Castle of Byle, Nepherta and the Land of the Dead. With new dungeons, monsters, boss battles, daily quests and untold stories to unfold, players will have plenty to discover in the new update.
New dungeons would be terrifying without new gear to adventure in—loot hunters will have plenty of new treasures to discover with the new gear and items now added to the game.
A new game mode called Crystal Defense is also being introduced to fans of the game. Adventurers will need to protect the coveted crystal at all costs as they annihilate enemies who wish to destroy it. If the crystal and the player manage to survive—to the victor go the spoils!
Visit Mythos Global’s website at: to start playing and learn about therising land of Uld. Like the official Facebook fan page at to receive updates and participate in upcoming events!
Linked below is the latest trailer video about the content update:

Wednesday, May 23

Chapter 15: Electricity's Current

“Leo, run with the others and find a safe place,” said a grim-looking Gremlin. “Promise me that you’ll protect your mother.”

The teenage Gremlin shook his head. “No! I’ve been working so hard on my toys. I should be able to help! I’ll protect the village!”

“This is not a game, my son. You are still quite young to experience a grueling battle such as this,” the Gremlin’s father said. “My comrades will protect this village. You do your part to protect your mother and the other women and children. I have high hopes for you.”

Packs of wolves and giant bears are relentlessly raiding the village. Grunt and Lillin hurried towards Steeltop to protect the civilians. The battle near the front gate is so fierce, an untrained warrior would shiver just by looking at the battlefield.

“We have to hold our ground until all the villagers have safely evacuated! Fire at will!” shouted the Gremlin commander.

“Sir, there are still a lot of them! Our bullet supply won’t be enough!” said one Gremlin private.

The Gremlin commander gave a sad smile. “We won’t be able to kill all of them. All we can do is keep them from chasing our beloved families. Are you willing to do that, private?”

“Yes, sir!”

Lillin and Grunt approached the evacuating villagers at the rear gate, until they noticed that the Gremlin soldiers are slowly being overwhelmed. At a short distance came a shout.


It was Leo. His father was mercilessly killed by the wolves, and the other Gremlin soldiers suffered the same fate. It is only a matter of minutes before the raiders could catch up with the escaping villagers. In a desperate act, Leo ran towards the front gate.

“Wait, child, no!” Lillin shouted.

The boy did not hear Lillin, and instead continued running. When he was near the group of raiders, he threw several metal pieces which started to float.

“Are those… tiny widgets?” Lillin asked.

Almost immediately, the tiny pieces of metal started to conduct electricity.

“Father, I will avenge you!” was the tearful shout of the little Gremlin.

The electrical charges of the metal shards started to become larger and brighter. After a split second, the pieces gave a large discharge of electricity covering a huge area. All the wolves and bears were electrocuted and died. Leo fell down to the ground as the tiny pieces of metal started to fall one by one.

Tuesday, May 22

Video Q&A and The Coming - Events for May

Hi everyone!

Two events (one for Youtube and one for Facebook) has just started this week! Without further ado, let me show you the first event which is called Video Q&A.
Basically, this event will let you watch a video on the Youtube channel of Mythos Global, and you have to answer the question at the end of the video. One video will be uploaded every day during this week and players will have to answer within 22 hours after the video is uploaded. All players who answered correctly will get a reward.

Here's the Youtube channel of Mythos Global:
Be sure that you have a Youtube account and make sure that you are logged in.

The second event is called "The Coming" which is properly named as it is about the next content update of Mythos Global!
In this event, you simply have to go to the Facebook fan page of Mythos Global and look for the poster image that was posted. Simply click "Like" and "Share". If the poster is able to get 50 likes, everyone will get x2 exp buff for three days! If the poster reaches 30 shares, everyone will get x2 luck buff for three days!

Here's the link of the Facebook fan page:

It is really a good time to be active in Mythos Global. We have two cool events and of course, the coming of Mythos Global's content update patch!

Wednesday, May 16

Chapter 14: Lillin

Grunt and Lillin traversed the think forest of Campwood to go to the next town.

“Sorry for dragging you out with me instead of letting you stay with Chris,” Grunt said. “There are reasons why I brought you with me.”

“Don’t worry. I need not be there with him. I’m sure he can handle himself,” Lillin replied.

Grunt smiled. “Thank you for the understanding. You are very different from him.”

“Haha. You just don’t know him so much yet,” said Lillin. “He probably has a bad temper, but that’s because he grew up with so much hatred against the fire goblins and the Cyclops.”

“Because of what happened in Seren…” Grunt remarked.

“Yes. But don’t blame yourself,” Lillin assured. “I noticed that he’s starting to change after he learned the truth about the incident and after killing the fire goblin’s leader.”

Lillin continued, “Chris is a really nice guy. He looks tough on the outside, but he’s actually very kind towards his closest friends. The reason why I’m still alive is because of him.”

“What happened?” asked Grunt.

“I grew up without parents. I usually just wander from town to town and hope for some people to give me food or money,” Lillin narrated. “Then one day, I met a boy who treated me kindly. He was so fond of my horns and my nose. He would usually give me candies and food that he hid from his parents so that he could give them to me.”

“And that boy is Chris?” Grunt asked.

Lillin nodded. “We became close friends that’s why I stayed in their town. Finally, he introduced me to his surrogate parents, and they’ve decided to adopt me. That was the best day of my life.”

“I see. So that’s why you always talk about this debt whenever you save him from an enemy.”

“It’s more than just paying a debt,” Lillin smiled. “Chris became very close to me that I simply want to protect him so long as I’m alive.”

The two adventurers reached the end of the forest and saw that Steeltop, the village of the Gremlins, is being attacked.

“Just as expected, they are attacking the main villages of the Humans, Cyclops, Satyrs, and Gremlins!” Grunt exclaimed. “Lillin, your mission now is not just to protect Chris, but to protect everyone! Let us help the resistance until Chris finishes his training.”

“With nature’s providence! I will protect Chris, and all the things that he’s destined to protect!” Lillin said with confidence.

Thursday, May 10

Chapter 13: The Test

“Am I really capable of doing that?” Chris asked.

“I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.” Grunt replied. “You killed Purete using your ice ability. Although it seems that you can’t consciously control it yet.”

“So where are we going?” Chris inquired again.

“To a place where you could train your ability,” was Grunt’s short reply.

The three adventurers traversed the dense forest of Campwood. After an hour of walking, they heard calm splashes of water.

Grunt looked at the two others, “We’re near.”

As they continued walking, they saw a beautiful waterfall. Colorful flowers outlined the area and there is no blade of grass, greener than the grass within the vicinity. The water is so clear, one could see even a tiny pebble at the bottom of the lake.

“This is the Waterfall of Curse and Clarity,” Grunt said. “It is a waterfall known only to a few Cyclops.”

“This waterfall is rather mysterious,” Lillin remarked. “Water continuously falls from above but the water below forms a small lake and not a river. Why isn’t it overflowing?”

“Even I don’t know the answer to that. This waterfall is full of mysteries,” Grunt answered.

Chris then said, “I suppose it contains other mysteries that’s why we’re here? Unless of course you dragged us here to sightsee.”

Slightly irritated, Grunt replied, “It is not called Curse and Clarity for nothing. In the islet in the middle of the lake, you have to stay still for ten days. You cannot eat, drink, sleep…”

“What!?” Chris exclaimed. “How am I going to survive for ten days without those?”

“If you are really one of the destined children, you will not feel anything during the first nine days,” Grunt explained. “The waterfall is supposed to clear your mind and be able to let you control your ability at will.”

“You said I have to stay there for ten days. So what will happen to me on the tenth day?” asked Chris.

Grunt’s tone became very serious. “The first nine days will only test if you’re a destined child. The tenth day will test if you are strong enough to control your ability. As I said, you won’t feel anything on the first nine days, but on the tenth day, you will feel everything your body has gone through during those nine days. Also, it is said that the pain would be thrice as much.”

“Sounds tough,” Chris said. “But if it’s my destiny, I will take the test and be able to complete it. Lillin, just watch me. I’ll make a wonderful pillar of ice once I’m done with this.”

“We’re not staying here,” Grunt said. “We don’t have the luxury of time to wait for your training to finish. We’ll move ahead to the surrounding village and help with the resistance.”

“Good luck, Chris! May nature’s blessing be with you,” Lillin said.

Chris walked towards the lake, and almost immediately, a narrow path made of soil and clay appeared. The path led to the islet. Grunt and Lillin then left and went to the nearest village.